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Till Jane


A light show in Stockholm
Colored the city hall
We climbed up the hill
To heed the Bishop's call
Weaved our laughter
Til' we were warmly dressed
I glimpsed a little door
On your pounding chest

Springflowers in Como
Sprouted through the alley
We climbed up the hill
High above the valley
Feathered our dreams
'Til they could fly afar
I glimpsed impending summer
Through the door ajar

Sunset over Budapest
Caressed us all goodnight
We climbed up to the roof
In the blushing light
Embrodiered our hopes
Into clear blue skies
I glimpsed a flaunting meadow
In your hazel eyes

And finally we were home
Wrapped around each other
Resting and talking
'Bout all that we discovered
"I can see my future
When I'm in your embrace
That is how you taught me
That home is not a place"

Bunden vers av blekhet VIP
Läst 39 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2024-05-14 10:50

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  Elaine.S VIP
Lyckan, hoppet, den vidunderliga tvåsamheten och hur världen ser ut och känns genom kärlekens ögon. Den känslan får du verkligen fram med dina ord. Fint att läsa.
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blekhet VIP