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Just a kind of



My soul is just a kind of Dream.

My heart is just a kind of ocean.

My self is just a kind bird.


An open dream long a way I have

An endless ocean far away sealing in

A free soul birds.


Someday I will be gone but not my poem.

Someday I will disappear never my soul.

Someday you will remember me like a dream.


You will see me like a nice vision.

You will hear me like a spring wind.

You will talk to me like a child.


Just a kind of child I am.

Just a kind of dream I am.

Just a kind sensitive feeling I am.


Touch your dream by my dream.

Put your hand by my hand.

Your soul by my soul


And be free.

And be a star.

And be a word.


I am just nothing and everything.

I was nothing and became something.

I always be just a kind of dream.


I am free.

I am dead.

I am with my lord.


It is time to end my word.

Fri vers av Naji Yaaqoub VIP
Läst 24 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-20 10:53

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Naji Yaaqoub VIP