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swedish / american racism

tracey: "We were in the parade with the Yellow Shirts. It is a group called Grants Pass Remembrance, and we all wore yellow shirts. There are old photos of the KKK parading down main street in town from back in the day. Our town used to be a "sundown town", meaning that non-whites were not welcome to be in the town past dark. It was very racist. The signs about being a sundown town were posted into the 1970s. So this group's aim is to remember that that racist shit happened here, and to try to come to terms with it, in order to move on into a better future where we are intentionally welcoming to black and brown folks.

There was a touching moment in the parade, when I looked out into the people watching along the sides, and a couple of black men were there and we made eye contact and he nodded his head at me. While we were walking, I was thinking that not everybody knew what we were representing and marching for, but this man certainly did and he appreciated our presence.

Effie joined us on her scooter, and she found other yellow-shirted children to play with. Chris and I knew a handful of folks in our party, and we met some new people. It was a good time, and I'm glad we did it."

tomas: "oooh, sweet :) black folks are good folks =*) i was on bitchute some week ago. some dude that called himsself el cheeco or something was incredibly racist, towards like everyone, even latinos and mexicans (i assumed he was mexican). he even said he was married to a chinese woman for 15 years, but that didnt stop him for yelling racial slurs left and right...

blacks are real intelligent anyway. ooh, asian women now make more money on average than white men. wheres the white supremacy in that?! and biden is gonna tax people different depending on their race. no, it wasnt that, they holly wolleyd about it. it was rich people taxes https://www.newsweek.com/biden-increases-capital-gains-tax-controversy-white-people-1895236

i did meet someone called lwatzi garwe mtimkulu in closed psychiatric care. she was mad once and said she could "throw me across the room". there was another lady who said that too, when we went mushroom hunting, she ate an amanita and didnt puke from it. she gets stronger from it instead. so black folks are different. they got better genes if anything... lwatzi said she could use size 40 shoes, or like size 100's. shoulda made a poem about her, never have. shed been in bad relationships... had only 2 teeth left. i said she looked like a hipopatamus :) anyway, i helped her file this thing so she got money to get new tooth. it went through! :) and she was weird like junkies are, she only smoked cigs as far as i can tell, one quip every 5 mins, just an inhalation. then they changed the rules for smoking, only outside... was better for me, once i was next to the smoking thingie, it wasnt room, just a little thing... anyway, shoulda had more to talk about her. i never wrote her poem... :( i also said she had crocodile fingers, and she said "garwe" (someone she was married to before) meant "crocodile".

anyway, black folks are amazing. asian folks are too. everyone is... oh, i was romantic with a mulatto women. she was also as strong as the 2 other women... she made this punch in a steel thingie, and you could see her knuckle marks in it... cray-zee O_o

oh right, lwatzi at least spoke. whats it called? creole. its like a language within a language. its to fool slave owners, so you could say what you wanted to without reprisals. hard to explain... anyway, she used to be a slave to a swedish farmer in zimbabwe... oh, woke up early today, 6:30... had the blinds up, or down, or without, or whatcha say. the summer is beautiful, though, cold in the nighttime... like... "i dont know nothing" = which means you know everything but you wont say anytning...

oh right, we never had KKK in sweden. in the early 90's, it started a political party, "new democracy", they were racist, but they never got many votes. now though with "muslims are bad people" propaganda for 19 years, theres tons of racist swedes. theyre probably gonna get tons of votes next time, i think previous they got like 20% or something, crazy, even immigrants vote for them :(

anyway, the racism in sweden sure was institutionalized before. "nigger" licorice candy, "big negro" chocolate icecream. might not mean much, but it does, racists loved saying that, with big old gleaming smiles ("face it youre too basic like the part of the brain that appretiates culture in a racist" - immortal technique). my mum is like that, though shes quit a lot of it... and she doesnt whine about her stalker all the time now...

i told her to make a song, it goes like this:

två gånger om dan (two times in a day)
en gång på natten (one in the night)
endast katten är (only the cat)
vaken tra-la-la-la (is awake do-do-do-doo)
lilla motionsrundan (tiny exercise round)
hos karin, över häck (at karin's, over hedges)
och sten, staket och gren (and stones, fence and twig)
små vita färgflagor (small white colour flakes)
dalar ned vid dörren (falls down at the door)
inte förren inte förren (not until not until then)

i did make a song for it, i think? shes featured on many of my records. dont remember what i was called though..."

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