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The essence is to develop a confidence in not knowing what you are doing.
This is the essence of improvisation, to let grow what wants to grow, to nurture it to let it happen.
What starts silent as a mouse may end up in an explosion.
We are the Creators of the water we swim in. We are here to live freely.
What is right in one moment is not working in the next.
We must attentively listen.
We live in a flow.
To be ever present.

Övriga genrer av Ylva Olofsson VIP
Läst 25 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-07 15:42

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  Live2Dream VIP
yes, there is also "flow". ive written for 60000 hours and it still doesnt come easily. i cant "force" a poem, nothing comes out, or only stereotype. but when i get a flow, usually from eating chocolate and having met / talked to an attractive women during the day, i write for 5 hours straight, in pure synchronicity. every word and meaning turns unique. it is breathtaking.
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Ylva Olofsson VIP