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A poem from my new book My Own Poems of Life


Try to be honest in your life
For you and others
It's a really great trait to have in life
Everything will be so much better for oneself
Your life will be so much smoother
You will get so much longer
There is no need to lie mostly
If there is someone who is honest it is me
I will be honest in return
It's really not that hard
Just try your best
That is all you can do
I'm honest to a fault
Altough sometimes it's good to lie
Like if somebody ask if they look ugly
You just answer “no you look fine”
Even if they don't at that exact point in time
If it's somebody you really care about
For example
You can lie so you don't offend that person you care about
Making that person feel bad about something
When you don't really have to

Fri vers av Tommi Perkiö VIP
Läst 20 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-08 15:43

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Tommi Perkiö
Tommi Perkiö VIP