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back to writing about love?


As I have mentioned I prefer to write in a manic haste

I am listening to the Beatles Abbey Road

Which makes Adore Baby

Am I right? It wouldn't surprise me

They asked Paul McCartney was ''Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'' about Lsd?

''''Does it matter'''' he said, well it does matter, and it does

Come Together, I forgot to mention in a previous piece is also a sexual-allusion

''Come together, over me''

Love life... not existent... love in general, this guru is empty

I could probably use more help, than give help

Some people take love seriously, some take it very seriously

I take it extremely seriously

That is probably why I am alone

I like to read about people's intricate love stories

I mean ... nevermind

Back in my stoner times I told ''Griffin''

''Good intentions, bad execution''

And he agreed and we laughed

For all I know, all my former, and I stress former, friends in America are married with children

So back to writing about love... ?

match.com says ''när du tar kärleken på allvar''

My best chance of finding someone is probably writing

Love doesn't play any games with me anymore

''j'' is gone and I keep getting rejected, and I keep trying

To say I had a disastrous upbringing is an understatement

''j'' is gone and in my living situation

there is no real reason for joining a dating site

I don't know my biggest fear is probably dying alone

And I think it will happen

Something that has been itching at me lately is...

''How can you not believe in God?''

Atheists, I just don't get it

... back to writing about love?

... this guru is empty, and could use help, instead of giving it out

I by the way erased six pieces this morning

I was right, and redaktionen and I came in agreement

... back to writing about love?

I am at a standstill in life and like playing backgammon

Abbey Road Adore Baby?

Fri vers av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 21 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2024-06-09 08:56

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