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the death spiral

The spiral death is triggered by the CCTV it locates them gives a location then the AI activated the frequency too monitor the effects they are learning so when the activation starts in 2028-2030 they can create the symptoms before death to fit the Ebola narrative. Right now it's not ready. The frequency must be tuned and the particals must reach the brain to cause CEREBRAL HEMORAGEING to mimic EBOLA

they dont use cameras on the ground, thats outdated. they use satellogic and starlink, they have sub-meter 30FPS surveillance all-across the globe. both HAARP, DEWs, 5g towers, smart meters, and the satelites can home in on a single target, even through concrete.

they have the weapons ready since tesla invented the death ray 100 years ago. 9/11 was DEWs, it wasnt miniature nukes nor thermite. many people survived in the buildings, eventhough the weapons melted aluminium (660 degrees), and the rest was obliterated down to atoms.

im sure they are just taking out people "of special interest" now. i saw some chinese video on bitchute before, of how they take people, 1 by 1, from their apartments, where they are locked in, with only water, electricity, WIFI, and a few vegetables per week. they show up in HAZMAT suits, and pump you full of a sleeping medication through injection. what they do then isnt known, although organ harvesting is thriving there.

they also built a huge corona hospital in china in just 1 week. one person said they had 3 different departments there. first one with newly arrived, healthy people (corona is the flu), then another when theyre put on ventilators and pumped 10 painkillers into them, then the third where people lie dying, waiting to be cremated.

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Läst 16 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-12 18:22

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