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do you get recommendations then? those are ace... if you check operas help file, it lays it out: even if you disable cookies and tracking on sites, they only pretend that they dont, but they keep updating the internet profile about you anyway.

thats how all big sites work, they monitor absolutely everything you do, and make bitcoin out of it. even if its only a mouseclick, or a look (if you have a smartphone / webcam) or a few words on social media, they make like 0.0000000001$ from every action, and sell it to advertisers.

all traffic goes through huge routers at a few places in the world. the intelligence agencies are right next to these. so no matter if you encrypt (they can break it all through backdoors in software - even on linux) all your communication they still know everything about you. ever wonder how that "i am not a robot" works? they check everything about you, if youre too still or silent youll never pass the tests.

by the way, 2 years ago i tried disabling *everything* in opera. that ended up with basically no site working at all. slashdot i could still access, but obviously not log in. on bandcamp the site loaded, but as soon as i had listened to 1 song i was blocked from any more.

Övriga genrer (Kåseri) av Live2Dream VIP
Läst 19 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-16 16:55

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