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Burnt-out on backgammon


Yes it is my favorite hobby

I just recently got a cup of coffee

In america they talk of addictive personality

Some games on backgammon sends my soul spiritually

It is a game of luck and skill

No wonder poker players and bettors play it

So I got an Iceland game and 3 goals or more Portugal – Czech Republic

I don’t know where Martin is I don’t think he is listening to music

Honestly I think he has lost his phone

That is how deep our friendship goes sms

And that is the only friend I have

We go back a few years

So I burnt out on backgammon today

Just the zest and concentration is not there

That is a good way to summarize it

For dinner I will get express delivery from Mcdonalds

I don’t eat fish so that should handle us

to a Portugal tie with Czech Republic

Chance for upset and said 3 goals or more, at 1,73

I miss Martin, where is he


Will I receive 0, 1, or 2 answers

One was to an -ex

I told her if I was bothering her

I wouldn’t send anything

So anyways getting burnt-out on backgammon

Gonna buy the ‘’Titan’’ board

Orange checkers and light blue checkers

Looks really good

Need 50.000 galaxy coins which I have

But figure I want to save up to 70.000 first

I don’t know I’m hell of a backgammon player

On backgammon galaxy I am labeled as ‘’master’’

What is there to say

Wish Martin would send a signal my way

I really think he has lost his phone

Or something has happened to him

I might have to send a postal mail thursday

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 15 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-18 16:39

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Page Goldenboy
Page Goldenboy VIP