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A poem from my new book My Own Poems of Life


I try to tell the truth about everything
Not holding anything back
That is a good way to go in life
It's really important
As you go on
People can trust in you then
That is worth a whole lot
Yes indeed
Especially to them close to me
And then they can tell the truth to me
Telling me whats what
All of the time
That is a great thing
I would not like to be lied to
About anything
I don't think anybody would like that
They can vary from the really small to the really big
Depending where you stand on the matter
And if one get caught of course
That is like playing russian roulet
If you lie that is
Just try not to
That is all

Fri vers av Tommi Perkiö VIP
Läst 15 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-19 19:06

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Tommi Perkiö
Tommi Perkiö VIP