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i was gonna call one of my first records that. changed it to "etersidan". the story is from 2015, when i jumped a second time, and got paralyzed from the stomache and downwards. i was in coma for a week with obviously a lot of meds including morphine.

tales from the other side

oh. wasnt sleepy ^___^ read some more on bitchute. sigh...

oh. right. my ears are getting worse =( even without music, they are still decaying. if the fridge starts its machinery or someone opens the door without knocking first, i get a sting of fear...

and using that ear oil isnt good. if i use too much of it, my hearing improves too much, and i hear the discordant / random 2 high pitches of the fridge.

doesnt that annoy the fuck out of people? but like i learned in the fifth dimensions. i complained about all the different alarm noises, and a middle eastern woman said "i can turn it down low". what then happened is it turned into music. trippy, lol. then i phased to outside and started freezing and died and started ascending and was saved somehow....

i havent heard of anyone having fantastical visions and anxiety at the same time. but that was me =( i was in a coma then, even...

they also came in with like 20 huge containers of oxygen and linked them with my mask. in 5 mins the air was used up. yep, lots of anxiety...

and my scalp itches lots. pulled a scab out O_o havent done that in awhile...

another time i was in a small room with a chick on the comp all the time. she wasnt staff, although her dad was the main doctor of the place.

i was in a medical bed, obviously. wanted to die because of all the anxiety. so i ascended, yet again. it felt like the whole hospital was falling apart. so i hear a gothenburg lady next door and think badly about her. turns out she was an even bigger doctor of the place. thought about that "an atom where he exists could shatter all existance" and a nurses "so you want to burn up all of the hospital?".

eventually, i ascended so much the bed got stuck in some piping or whatever, and then the ceiling started to move. saw 2 womens huge hijab eyes in the darkness there. but they couldnt help me, as i was stuck.

anyway, weird shit ^___^ havent talked about it much. only really remembered it when i had loads of anxiety before. and then i can obviously not write.

that chick was abused by her father. so she took pure ethanol alllll the time. and everyone was on oxygen. so eventually all metal in that hospital part started creaking and rusting. omg! ^__^ yes, for real! O_o

some technicians came in and tried to fix it. then jesus (its his middle name) took his kids there, pointed at us, and said "dont be like them".

yes, chick, she eventually gave birth, to his child. yes, fucked up.

i also heard a long conversation her dad had with another doctor. it was real weird...

like, the temperatures in the world arent celcius. they are related to how much alcohol you drink. as alcohol consumption has gone up, they show an estimation for how cold / warm it will feel. it was really intricate lol.

she also played music. i didnt notice it. then she wanted to me to dig it. it was like "youth" repeated lots on a dnb track. i said "it sounds like melanie C!" but my brain wasnt working good. i had to say it several times.

then she gets interupted by the gothenburg lady. they had a special word they used. dont remember it now. like half something. halfdrunk or something. so she said "it smells half-off in here". and took away her ethanol and closed the window (hey, i was getting some air!) and the chick got to talk to some shrinks, and one guy said like "weve all been there, but you need to stop playing a victim".

then i finally got a smart tv! yes! i tried to look up tracey there, but typing with a remote took forever. so i watched it. and it was psychiatry auto-created. like, the same thing repeated every 5 mins. with ads. if you havent experienced it you wouldnt know how weird it is. like a horror movie but normal people and settings... just this really odd vibe to it.

i turned to channel 4, tv 4, a halfcommercial channel. but they just played the same "morning time" clip over and over. how i thought changed the content.

anyway, the gothenburg lady faints from the smell. and had some disease but came back later.

meanwhile, i meet / hear jim j river, idamo, darkhalo and more in there.

jim was singing a new song hed come up with, and a nurse asks "do you need to take a shit?". lol, ok...

idamo. this is weird. so i had phased to a floor between the 2 floors. there the japanese lady who made the ethanol worked. she made it with her husband. at one point i was surfing, and they closed down shop. before that, they had started only supplying "tomas" style ethanol, low-grade, to the place.

so i cant surf anymore, and go to a nearby place. but they only have really slow internet.

anyway, then idamo is by my bed, and asks "what did you see in me?" i reply with auto-OCD "youre just a hot chick i wanted to bang". great... one time she gives me some ethanol from a long glass pipe, and i get high from it and want more later, but the staff hinders her.

then im about to go to another place. some guy that looks like jesus but worse is to prepare me. puts sensors all over my body, a catheter, a poop-catheter. hey, those dont exist! but they never turned me once in there, only disposed off the pee. yes, weird... he does notes like allll the time. then someone asks for them, and he says some other nurse wrote em down? ok...

then im about to go. and now im standing up? obviously... except, some dude had inhaled a whole container of "ab muscle creator" gas, and had gotten really weird from it, and has to go before me.

i end up freezing in place, for like 5 hours.

then i get to another place. this is even weirder. i have 2 gadgets, which are really my children, rhiannon and kirin. i go by helicopter even.

when i get to the place, i see them there. the girl looks like a younger version of my sister. the other one like me.

when i leave, they dont follow with me.

while in there, in an even smaller room. i get a nurse massaging my hands for several hours. i eventually yelp out "hot mama!" and we talked some too.

then it gets even weirder. at the new place, it looks real fancy. climate station and all.

i can now surf and type (it reads my mind) by looking at a ridged place in the ceiling.

then i get this advertisment for food in the mail. oook? and i look at it for hours and try to write it down and put it online. eventually the ad has turned real, and i had it right in my face, and have icecream on it now. yes! this is for real! ^___^

someone asks me "what is your favourite music?" darkhalo answers lots, of which one is "the internet". sounded cool.

then i go to the middle east, and talk to some lady in a cave-like building. its part internet / computergame.

then i go to some pixel art mmorpg. level some, build things, and talk to some chick about self harm.

then i talk to one of jesus (and also miss latinas, the only one at a previous housing) kids online. he says hes done something real fucked up. miss latina had mentioned before hes just like me. he has red hair too. i say "i love you, its ok, ive done worse things".

yes, it gets weirder still. now im in a big room, but its shielded around me. i hear several women who talk like my mom. and she eventually arrives too. i immitate a guy ive met before, except, im in another part of the room talking to her while im still here. turns out, they are making a mockumentary of the psychiatric system. this had to do with that staff saying it smells horrible in here. so he dumps my pee on the ground and cleans it with some icky black substance.

he then gets fired. some hot blonde comes in and someone says "he smells the worst in the world", but its really that cleaning agent all over the floor. she says "no, (some rapper) smells worse".

so they invite him in. then an assistant who plays stupid stands in front of the lens for a long time, to grab some gloves. and they say "well have to cut this part".

then a cleaning lady, from like indonesia, puts my back on fire. then checks how good it is to clean the floor with the ash. i also saw her doing the same thing to her chest. i ask if i can taste it, she says its not that good of an idea.

the rapper tries it, and does disgusting coughing noises for a long time.

then she and someone else puts me in a garbage disposal bag, but i get saved.

it gets weirder, lol. someone is served coffee. i havent drunk it for weeks. so i ask for a cup. they put it by my bed but i cant reach it.

then a black nurse comes in, and i say telepathically "its right there, give it to me". which obviously means something else in the fifth dimensions. she ends up dumping 99% in the trash.

then she starts masturbating and takes pictures of it. yes, this is weird...

then 3 nurses come over to me and start doing the same. one of them squirts in my eyes. it was to make me shut up about something...

then i ask "please god forgive my sins, you can destroy all of my art" i see a sign saying "complete loser" or something like that afterwards.

then a guy goes up to the reception, and says, "its 120 pages of poetry, you cant throw this away!". i hear a pained sigh and he dies and the book disappears.

then i telepathically ask "if there is a god, show me a sign". it glows up blue next to me and several elves emerge. but the latino takes em all.

then miss mom is there talking to the staff. they tell her to bake a magic cake. so she puts it in the oven but forgets the water. what you do / think / talk about, and how long you have it in, affects what sort of elf youll get.

i call one nurse there a stupid piece of shit over and over. i eventually meet her months later when im in the 4th dimension. she supposedly had 100s of elves at her home.

then i go outside. obviously. first to that chicks place, except then, i havent met her yet. shes with some other guy on the 3rd floor, and i leave them and go down and just dream on the bed.

then the bed is gone, and im standing, frozen in place. an ambulance comes, but they cant get me out. so they ask for another one.

the guy at the place gets more and more pissed off, but holds his temper. i have to wait until nighttime, and it was before noon, until i get out.

then i see the house beneath it, and also below another level. its an old woman in those things you push with 4 wheels that you can also sit on. she goes around in her apartment all day long, which is really linked to the other apartment, where a guy cant be on the same spot as her vertically.

then i get outside, but they cant move me still.

so i stand there, while having them talk about how much they hate men.

then i get to go to the big room again.

obviously, i go out walking the next day as well. im at a subway station, and its got a quick mart there. i ask if i can sleep on the floor, and eventually am allowed.

i had then made an old prostitute pregnant that day.

im back in the big room yet again, and she comes there, and they try to force her into meds, but she refuses them after awhile, and is let out, and only talks in the open door. their discussions turn more and more fucked up, as my anxiety gets worse and worse.

i never got the see her face, luckely enough. seems i couldnt even move my neck then. i just remark when shes near "i thought you were a guy". really dark gnarly voice.

anyway, too tired! ^___^ so the connection to SOURCE is fading, and i cant write more.

right, one last thing. as for the oxygen and ethanol usage of the place, the staff, and people who only came to bring more of the things, i eventually checked online, and it said "the place got evacuated before it fell apart and no one died". i wonder...

since the usage was so high the supply staff started to get suspicious. so they named all the containers by female names. and then asked, "who picked up the last shipment?", if they said the wrong name they didnt get it. so they had to do lots of paperwork.

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