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Backgammon conversation with my fantasy girlfriend


Isak: when you roll 54 to begin it is typical you do 13/8 13/9 or 13/8 24/20

FG: Ok…I see…

Isak: generally 13/8 24/20 is preferred because you get to split your back men

FG: You mean I don’t get to spread my legs… haha

Isak: allright let’s try to stick to backgammon
          in this position you are occupying your opponent’s 5-point where he/she wants to make

FG: Ok

Isak: the 5-point and bar-point (7th) are the strongest for both sides, I have taught you some before?

FG: Yes, and how is going with you and the Nordic Open?

Isak: I got inspiration from a poem by Lars Blomberg to google it, and there should be some contest fitting to enter. I have to learn half-cross-overs or something.

FG: Will we go there together?

Isak: If you want.
          The time and money has to be right.

FG: Is it true they call you the backgammon prodigy?

Isak: No, that is a joke, I jokingly call myself, the backgammon prodigy sometimes

FG: Well, let’s hit the sheets

Isak: Allright, just patience

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 17 gånger
Publicerad 2024-06-24 22:32

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