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A poem from my new book My Own Poems of Life


Knowledge is good to have
When you going to do that specific thing
That require some knowledge about it
If you want succed in that specific thing
It's really easy to obtain that information
You just need to put your time in it
Study your way up
Of what you need to know
Show your best feet forward as you go on
Show your knowledge as you get it
And people will notice you
For what you are
An asset really
Then you will succeed
In whatever you like to succeed in
Your life will be all that better for it
Especially if you find that subject to be enriching
And fun

Fri vers av Tommi Perkiö VIP
Läst 5 gånger
Publicerad 2024-07-04 15:01

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Tommi Perkiö
Tommi Perkiö VIP