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Min egna översättning av H.Hellströms: Nu kan du få mig så lätt.

Nu kan du få mig så lätt/you can have me so easy

They are up in the trees. And im standing on drunken streets.
Summer was ok but know we are snowing away.
Oh i really wanted to keep your hand in mine.
We are those kind of peoples who dosen´t give love any chance anytime.

And everyone talks about me: Is it true and i have seen.
I wont coming back to this anymore.
The neonlights on the dark street, gives light for lonley dogs and lonley me. Everybody´s dancing, and i\'m thinking: Are you lonley to. What are you going to do?

Who kissed Elin, behind poor Maries back.
Was it the fantastic poet, he\'s always dressen i black.
Was it some place in her world for two?
Please write me a letter because wonder when and who.

And i wonder whats happening in the town.
The wind talks in the corner, and i´m going down.
It has blown itself tierd and every girl is allready home.
You was so much prettier than the others but i throw away you in the end. I trow away some kind of friend.

It was so dark.
The night i was on my way home.
I\'d been hoping for something.
I\'d been hoping for something!

If you want me, you can have me so easy
If you want me, you can have me so easy
If you want me, you can have me so easy
If you really want me, you can have, have me!
Fool me, no no, whatever people says.

Fri vers av Trafikstop
Läst 237 gånger
Publicerad 2006-09-17 21:42

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