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Love, frustration and not knowing...

Missing you...

We should conquer the world together
in a world so beautiful we strive forever
we should rescue and support each other
from fear, ignorance, loneliness and bother

If we fight and stand strong
Nothing ever will go wrong
I will give your mind a sixth sense
To use when nothing makes amense

Pretty as a butterfly you are in the air
But flying from flower to flower isn’t fair
Summer has gone and you flew away
Naïve as a tree I was hoping that the apples would stay

You are nowhere around to be found
I wish you’d always be close around
Maybe you are in a hospital almost dead
Maybe you just didn’t come out of bed

Perhaps you need to think and decide
Maybe you didn’t love me and lied
Maybe you want me but are to scared
Maybe you looked for money and just didn’t cared

But if you are sincere, want a future bright
Come with me and lets step into the light
If you were to say yes to a powerful life
Then you should become my future wife!

Fri vers av Casca
Läst 216 gånger
Publicerad 2006-10-23 13:58

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mmm..lovin it..=)..fint ..applåd!
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