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En text vars intention var en låttext på vägen kändes det som en dikt, men det har ingen betydelse, här är orden som de tillslut blev.


Say – Love is a Crime
Say – Stay

Stay – unfold my pages
Endure my life.

Be with me - Beware me
I’m haunted - I’m pure

Say – That the love for me is crime
Say – Leave

Stay – until I leave you
Leave – when I say stay.

Walk away from me.
Walk right beside me.

Store my words – Remember my faults.
Use my words to expose my faults.

Say – I’m weak
See – pain

Hurt me when I’m weak.
Abuse my pain,
Pain me – Course I’m weak.

Defend me as I trespass our boundaries.
Prosecute me when I forgive thus that are against us.

Your love like poison.
Assures my desire,
While I deny all your attempts.

I’m near – when you’re distant.
You’re distant – when I’m near.
I get lost –
When you try to be near.

I know I neglect you
Never meant to disrespect you
Your intention is arbitrary.

The Sentence:
Our Crime: Is that of inevitable love
And our punishment: Is that of love it self.

Fri vers av crim24
Läst 333 gånger
Publicerad 2007-01-13 07:23

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