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detta är kapitel 2...har uingen aning om hur många det blir, skriver tils jag tröttnar! detta kapitel blev INTE som jag tänkt, egentligen skulle hon dra med han på maskeradbal!

stay by my side...for ever! kap 2

I sat straight up in my bed, wondering what had waked me up. Then I realized that it was the emptiness of my bed, the fact that she was gone ones more, that had waked me. I felt my heart broke, and then I remembered, she was out hunting, of course! I never liked the fact that she was killing to survive, but it didn’t matter, she had to, in order to survive. And she did only, after all, take blood from people who deserves to die, and not from innocent people. Then I heard the door open, and realized that I had kept my breath ever since I woke up. She entered the room, and smiled, her lips still a bit bloodied. She sensually wrapped her arms around me, and infelt a shiver down my spine as she gently kissed my ear. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her to me. She smiled as I intensely kissed her lips, and passionately answered it. I pushed her back, looked at her, she smiled and let her leaned forward, against me. She ran her tongue down my neck, and I kissed her again, we laid down, both shivering. I pulled her closer, and pulled of her dress, I ran my hands down her back, felt her skin under my fingers, her breath against my bare skin! “Wonderful” I thought, “how much I longed for you”
She pulled me even closer, how now that was possible, we were so close to each others that not even a single hair would have been able to squeeze in between us! I loved that sensational feeling of her body next to mine. She turned the light of, and tossed herself over me again, eager to love with me, and we did, for hours! When I woke up that morning I could still feel her love, and I was so happy to see her lying there, in my bed. She turned around in her sleep, and the blankets fell of her, just so much that you could see a little bit of her pale skin, it was enough to make me want to do something crazy, but I didn’t. she could be kind of grumpy if she was awaken at day. I pulled the blankets over her again, I knew she didn’t get sick, but it’s an instinct to do so. I went up, even if she had eaten something quite recently, I hadn’t, and I was starving! I went out to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee, and a few toasts, then I went into the bedroom to eat my breakfast and just enjoy the sight of her in my bed!

Prosa (Novell) av angel of tears
Läst 276 gånger
Publicerad 2007-01-17 10:46

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angel of tears
angel of tears