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Hmm nja jag vet inte om den är ok riktigt... Men det finns tid för ändringar.

-Love has come back for you-

Love is something to give
Something to belive
Something to feel

Sometimes when given for the right reason…
Love comes back to those who belive it

Love is a chapter of the biggest mysterie
Not for solving
Not for devolving

Sometimes when read right…
Loves like finest poetrysights

Love is a stranger
Hides behind velvet eyes
Hides behind rainy skyes

Sometimes when you look up…
Loves in the palm of someone elses heart

Given to you to break trough
Given to you to break in two

Love walks with you, it trusts in you, it fails with you…
When you hurry trough

Love takes time
Love needs time

Love is time
Time flyes by and wrinkles the look of a young mans heart

But Love stays the same even though the looks of it may change
Love has come back for you…

Love has come back for you

Övriga genrer av Kiina
Läst 471 gånger
Publicerad 2007-01-23 02:04

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