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The sad life of Aaron Quick.

Aaron Quick

In kingdom of old - in faraway land
A dream was born, Oh so grand!
To find every treasure in the world,
and hold them all in his hand.
They all would be his to choose and pick.
That was the dream of young Aaron Quick.

He walked along friends. They could not keep pace.
They disappeared in a haze.
Friendship since youth did not value high.
They all fell out of his grace.
\"Friendships with slugs is useless to hone!\"
So said Aaron and rode on alone.

He slept with a girl. She joined Aarons quest.
She woved to please him the best.
Sadly one morn\' - She woke up alone.
She had overslept her rest.
\"Last trip she fell, a half mile behind!\"
\"Her want is to weak!\" - So spoke his mind.

He had found them all - just 30 years old.
Magic tomes and hills of gold.
Only one item eluded him -
One greedy could not behold.
\"Hide in the shadows! Hide down in hell!\"
\"You will be found!\" - You heard Aaron yell.

He searched in the sky, he searched underground.
Nowhere it stood to be found.
The years passed him by, one after one.
Until his aged had him bound.
As life came to end, sadly he cried: \"Why did you hide it from me?\"
And lo and behold, God him replied: \"I didn\'t, you just did not wish to see.\"

The flare of gold can blind your eyes.
The darkness of greed can cover your sight.
Look around you and you will see
The treasure of love is free.

Fri vers av Mirtul
Läst 663 gånger
Publicerad 2007-08-26 15:52

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Den här sången (jag har melodi till den också) handlar om en av mina karaktärer i D&D, vars blinda fascination med att samla skatter leder till att han förlorar så mycket mer.

Läskigt nog känner jag igen mig själv alldeles för bra i honom.
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