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Song about a fisherboy and his rise to fame.

The Price of Fame

Once there was a fisherboy who hated his profession.
He packed a sword and rations - Adventurer became.
His name was little Gary, he used to be so merry.
Was loved by folk and fairy.
That wasn\'t enough.

So Gary left one summer eve on wagon puled by mule.
His best friend now was blade of steel.
His anger was his fuel.
And winter came, and yet no fame.
And no one knew his name.

Second day of spring it was. He met a little goblin.
The poor old thing was wobbling - He begged for Garys help.
But Gary was no chancer, a wide swing was his answer.
The goblin - sure no dancer.
Was Garys first kill.

But there came more as time went by. Trolls, giants and a beast.
The monsters feared - The people cheered.
In every town a feast.
And summer came - it brought him fame.
And famous was his name.

Then one day he left for home, to visit his old mother.
Brought gift to little brother - The truth tore out his heart.
His village was asundered, and everything was plundered.
And Gary roared and thundered:
\"Who killed all my friends!\"

\"The goblins came with venge in eye\" - surviving girl explained.
Some fool from our village had
cut down their King who reined.
When autumn came with truth and fame -
Survivors Gary maimed.

Fri vers av Mirtul
Läst 610 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2007-08-26 16:11

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Min första sång jag skrev. Inte baserad på någon av mina karaktärer eller spelsessioner, utan kom bara när jag satt och lekte med ljudinspelaren i windows en kväll.
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