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To my Princess, I generally don't do love poems, this is an explanation of a moment.

Princessan och Muraren


Movements defined by stillness.


She lies. 


Her eyes twitch slightly under their lids,


she dreams.



I lean closer to listen to the sound of her breathing. 


I watch as her breast rises and falls.


She is immaculate,




Is she dreaming of a chataeu,




the warm wind in her hair?


Is it foolish of me to hope


that I may be in there somewhere?


Has it really taken me this long to realise


that she is not out to hurt me?


I am safe here


but more to the point


if I don't trust I will lose her.


I do not want to lose her.


I lie down.


She turns and holds me from behind,


my immaculate princess.

Fri vers av Lucius
Läst 692 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2007-09-13 00:43

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Jag tycker väldigt mycket om denna text. Kan inte sluta läsa den. Prinsessan och Muraren är förresten en bra titel och säger mig mycket mer än själva orden i sig.
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