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Lying in a pool

of stale beer and dogends.






Inert and bloated,

poisoned by life itself.

The unhappy child

of a destiny controlled by others

became the victim she was brought up to be.


She fulfilled her father's every expectation,

by failing.

School was the first hurdle she hit,

alcohol the second.

She bathed her wounds daily 

in higher spirits.


The husband was her blessing.

An unwanted, unloved, unfeeling blessing

wrapped in the cloth of pain and violence.


Then one night she snapped.

She became a samurai

for a few precious moments

and died happy

in a pool of stale beer and dogends.

Fri vers av Lucius
Läst 360 gånger
Publicerad 2007-10-03 18:40

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Tankeväckande bra och rå. Du skapar starka bilder med dina ord som etsar sig fast. Får mig att fundera på livet och mänskligheten.
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