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... and this is me.

A angel will protect you

I remember that I wanted be a angel a long time
I want to be your angel, my love
Because when you´re crying, I wanna hold you in my arms
Or under my wings of steel in my heaven
There can you be loved of an angel
And millions of angels dance around you

A angel shall protect you
From all evil, I promise
If you´re born to be free
You´ll be free from all evil, my love

When you´re crying, I wanna hold you in my arms
And promise you, my love
I´m waiting for the day you´ll understand

I am your angel
And you´ll love me a long time

Fri vers av iambleeding
Läst 338 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2007-10-04 04:36

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