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shots #8 blood; a poem of love [is a beast of many splendours]


an empty tomb; a buried room; a golden witch with a burning itch

undefined depths of subconscious fires, peculiar agents @ midnight

a small patch of sky - fading in - paint it red; burning out - bring return

no return - the inbetween feeding back [whyte] into itself

an irregular loop from yr hands to my face; my hands to yr neck

venomous lips bursting into flames - teeth; claws; eyes

deadlocked; painted yr name in blood across my chest

painted the names of every night we destroyed w. too much of everything

pushing empty shopping-carts into the false dawn of a neon jungle

swept up by rush hour mourning; like chameleons pressed against the concrete;

dis-appear/ing like vampiric mists in a cloud of exhaust fumes

a clamour of voices - the bright lights - draining us; to the very last drop


outside the perimeter


shot into space - crystaline lament


dancing naked in the pale moonlight; in radioactive rain

hypnotic mushrooms in the ruins of the old mausoleum; served by the woman

of purple mists and x-ray eyes zooming in/out through the concrete walls

breaking & entering the dreams of lovers, sprinkling opiates on their faces

soft whispers through schizophrenic rooms; outside


outside the perimeter


blood; becomes a poem of love

between us; shared in a brief lapse of that which is not & that which is

fingertips; sharp as scalpels; folie à deux; this is the out/side/in coherent currencies of

famous last words; dying breaths; not really words - are they between us;

in the betweens of us back in the room of dying piss a stench of death as dawn

cruelly rapes the immaculate night; time & time again remorseless angels the holy ghost

of alice in wonderbra - a taste of whips and chains - blood; brings return no; return

only feedback; loops of lust and dark cravings


love is a beast of many splendours

Fri vers av nicklas ekström
Läst 468 gånger
Publicerad 2008-05-30 23:39

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nicklas ekström
nicklas ekström