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en dikt jag skrev för ett tag sen när jag var lite nere satt mest för mig själv och såg ut över vattnet då.

Did You See Me Cry?

I lookt at you and smiled.
You lookt at me and laught.

You Raised Your Arms.
And Hold me in your arms.

Thanks for understanding you said and smiled.

A wind swept by and took my soul.
And my shell watched you walk avey.
Hand in hand with that guy.
That you meet yesterday.

A whole life i spent with you.
And it was gone as if it was a dream.
A life passt by and i think the rest of it followed by.

After that day.
You look't at me many times.
But did not say a word.
Then tell me now.
Did you never see my soul cry?

Fri vers av Himuro
Läst 439 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2008-06-29 00:44

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Jättebra! <3 ^^

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jättebra skrivet!!!!
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