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Narcissus and Camera

Rolling nude across the emerald green carpet
in this distant hotel room
at the end of the hall,
when I made love to this century old room.
Nude and fresh out of the shower
tanned and admiring my muscles
in the mirror
I roll back and forth photographing
flowery wallpaper, milky curtains
red leather texture on the bed
admiring everything.
I am camera recording, conceptualising
the chocolate and tobacco
next to the glittering TV.
I'm oiled up in lotion, tanned
feeling sexy and fresh
I would want to make love to me.
Purple and yellow paint screens the camera
when it panned across the room
towards balcony producing diptychs and triptychs
perhaps even polyptychs
negative film dropped from camera
like little lump of pooh.
I admire myself when camera talked
to me through me, my image
bouncing back at me.
Extreme autoerotic rush sprouted from my eyes
and camera makes panorama of this echoing beauty,
when I made love to this century old room.

Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 625 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2008-08-21 13:15

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  mikael ejdemyr VIP
Ja, vem har inte älskat med ett sekelgammalt rum nån gång? Hahaha! Och med sig själv... Äntligen en dikt till autoerotikens ära! Så vällustigt exponerad!
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Johan Lazer