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Dreamy boom boom!

Mind boggles
and toggles
funnels blight
at the masses
who struggles
with press bs.
mass media cooking shit up
like Doctor Snuggles
It's amazing how they throw us
in medias res
tapping impact of a political climax
todays mindset will tomorrow take effect
e.g. they tell us how Africa is
Fuck that! I read between the lines
'cause that's some bullshit
foreign powers be carving, Africans starving,
always be warring
but that's not the whole story . . .
if you is sincere and have a real interest
make up your own news
makes no muthafucking difference

'cause you is caught in medias res

On friday I taketh awaketh
embark on dreamy boom boom
disembark in downtown transforming into a living room
back to the mags and what they unfold
half-truths for whom the bias toll
line after line your mind be tanking . .
along with blogs and videos that you've been ranking . .
one mans strongman is another mans hero
one mans Buddha is another mans Nero
. . bad moon rising out of ground . . zero

'cause you is caught in medias res

Binary code from dome of the dead
connecting fingertips on the world wide web
hooking up to porn, music and poker
cooking green, white, red like a joker
my libido mediocre mixed media
master/slave moral memoria
destrudo ideation in testudo formation
plowing through disorder
of multiple desires that broke their water
Internet is madhouse, a Luna park
keep yo fingers on the mouse
'cause it's all frenzy after dark

'cause you is caught in medias res


Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 574 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2008-09-05 13:02

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Fint med snuggles
vilka rim du har man!
Altt jag kan säga är:
Ja antennen på taken
gör att jag kan ligga framför en skärm
o leka med staken


  the apache kid VIP
Storartad Sir! ... LMG

  mikael ejdemyr VIP
Snabbtänkt briljant rapping! Den här raden t ex: *one mans Buddha is another mans Nero*
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Johan Lazer