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Scandinavian Godhead

Once again I'm waking up
on someone else's sofa
joy mingles with self-loathing
dirt under my nails, shirt wrinkled
as I ooze cheap perfume

Immaculate remorse of somber thunder and burning clouds
above horizon inside a,
Scandinavian Godhead

Lying down on dry grass
billboards and condominiums lures behind the eye
I look and they flicker into focus

Fiery furl up the forearm
places stigmata that deflects the dirt
collected from end stop to end stop
we hook up in downtown, lies down
in King's Garden

Sunshine licks and drools all over
my warm, blushed chins
and we share this intimacy born by caesarean

Fiery furl and hard wind
me and my friends blow dry kisses
onto summer
with dry lips and wry laughter
once again I fooled Life and snatched another day from it

Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 508 gånger och applåderad av 11 personer
Publicerad 2009-04-27 19:27

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You prefer comments on Swe or Eng?

Well, I like your way of expression yourself, you know your way around the eng language and you have a very special way with words.
I Liked it, very much!

  mikael ejdemyr VIP
Det finns något olycksbådande här. Som vingarna på en stor rovfågelgud cirkulerande över Kungsan. Du så på Gränsen
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Johan Lazer