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the piano bench

Things we did in the Dark
If I don’t open my eyes
tomorrow we can pretend

And the Sunlight sneaks closer
to the piano bench
Sliding over polished
wooden floors
It met us where we sat
so casually apart
Drinking our morning tea
in a sea of silence

Days have flown
in quiet streams
Your eyes slide over
my shivering cold form
Filled with Hope, awaiting
the warmth of your gaze

The return of a smile
that seems to have flown
Left you for coldness,
you are blind
I am the slippery slope
your gaze slides over
Every invisible meeting
failing to connect

Should I scream
to make you listen?
You would not hear my voice

Will I care enough
to break our silent wall?
You could not bear the noise

But the awkward silence kills,
rips apart inside
Tears and terrorizes
till everything is gone
The time for departure
has arrived

I leave you now, I’m going,
the problem hereby solved
Will see you some day maybe
My cold gaze sliding
I’ll let you go unnoticed

Övriga genrer av marsupelami
Läst 186 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2009-07-27 22:24

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