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A Bloody Prayer - 2023-10-30
The End of Our Song (2) - 2023-10-27
Nevermore - 2023-10-25
If only I could go back - 2023-10-22
Sandslottet - 2023-10-12
A prayer for the damned - 2023-10-11
Metamorphosis of Love - 2023-10-10
The King Of Nothing (1) - 2023-10-10

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A bard filled with sorrows, oh so blue
A world of colors, I see but the faintest hue
I write in blood and pain, oh I pray
The quill in my hand, the only way
A quest for redemption, a seeker of light
From the darkest abyss to the heights of heights

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Indifference, a silent killer/Likgiltighet, en tyst mördare.

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