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  @ Sten Wiking ( licentia)


If I were a poet,
I made poetry of you.

If I were a musician,
I made music about you.

If I were a artist,
I could not be able
to paint your beauty
fair enough.

If I were a God,
I make your highest wish,
to become true.


Övriga genrer av Sten Wiking VIP
Läst 154 gånger
Publicerad 2018-05-23 09:44

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Sten Wiking VIP
...and if you quit,you can start al over again.

Sten Wiking VIP
The meaning and idea when you start something,is to finish it before you can quit.

Scarlett Miryam VIP
And if I were Scarlett Miryam, which I am, my wish would be for Sten Wiking never to quit (vilket kan tolkas på flera sätt)

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