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  @ Sten Wiking ( licentia)


If I were a poet,
I made poetry of you.

If I were a musician,
I made music about you.

If I were a artist,
I could not be able
to paint your beauty
fair enough.

If I were a God,
I make your highest wish,
to become true.


Övriga genrer av Sten Wiking VIP
Läst 187 gånger
Publicerad 2018-05-23 09:44

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Sten Wiking VIP
I promise from my heart and soul never to quit,
in fact I had not even started yet.

Sten Wiking VIP
The meaning and idea when you start something,is to finish it before you can quit.

Scarlett Miryam VIP
And if I were Scarlett Miryam, which I am, my wish would be for Sten Wiking never to quit (vilket kan tolkas på flera sätt)

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