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(i said it’s your god i don’t believe in/no your bible can’t be true)

Hold steady

i went to the river
& i bowed my head
he said you couldn’t forgive me
so he forgave me instead

he spoke of the truth then
& i held my tongue
you’ll burn with your father
for all the wrong that you’ve done

i wade through the water
& dream of the day
it will all be decided
that's what all the books say

you don’t need me to tell you
you’re the heart of this town
i won’t sing to your pain now
no i won’t hold you down

hold steady, hold still
if you don’t fold i will

the bets have been cancelled
the fight was postponed
it came out of nowhere
as cold as a stone

all is white in this blizzard
i stumble out of the grove
& no i’m not freezing
i’m as hot as a stove

i wait for the long night
with your hair in my hand
they say they destroyed me
but i don’t think they can

now i believe it
yes i’ve been told
that nothing of value
can live in the cold

hold steady hold still
if you don’t fold i will

you have your freedom
i know what that’s worth
where the fuck did this year go
it crashed into the earth

i have to be careful
i know it won’t do
to be so forgetful
when i’m talking to you

& how could i forget it
could i even pretend
i could die in an instant
if you needed me then

feel free to address me
however you like
my head is the bubble
& you are the spike

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av EurekaStreet
Läst 274 gånger
Publicerad 2018-12-05 13:05

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