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Tommi Perkiö

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37 år Male icon från Umeå


My Own Poems of Life

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  This is my second book with my own poems They are about all kinds of things A whole lot of many different subjects What I think What I believe And like about the schizophrenia and Aspergers syndrome that I have They are all in the english languange My own thoughts written down for you to read I do enjoy writing down this poetry and I hope you will enjoy reading them It was really a lot of fun making these Altough I'm from Sweden and Swedish is my first languange I just prefer writing my poems in english It's just something about the english languange that I like That I prefer I get these thoughts and then I just write them down When I get inspiration really And I have inspiration to write all of the time As you will see Which is great
  1. Family Forever
2. Love
3. My own Poems
4. Your Money
5. Having
6. Little Brother
7. Future Technology
8. Future
9. Consequences in Life
10. Suicide
11. Accomplish Things
12. Sports
13. Age
14. Terms of Affection
15. Live Life
16. Autism
17. Nobody is Perfect
18. Doesn't hurt to ask
19. Never say Never
20. Medicine

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