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Tommi Perkiö

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37 år Male icon från Umeå

I rather be early then late



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Limit - 2024-07-12
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Secrets - 2024-05-09
Your Own Death - 2024-05-09
Gratitude - 2024-05-08
Society - 2024-05-08
Coincidence - 2024-05-06

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I am born and raised in Umeå, Sweden where I live now also and it's a great town to live in. I have Finnish heritage. I'm a curious and a kind person. I have Aspergers syndrome and schizophrenia also. I have a big family, close to me, which is really great.

I have been a student at Umeå University and studied System of Science which was really fun. I have been through much pain and despair in my days especially in school
but today I'm happy, I have left all of that behind me.
I live in the moment
I write in the moment

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My Own Poems of Life
My Own Poems of Life
Poems of Dark and Light: Hope for Everything Expect Nothing
Poems of Dark and Light: Hope for Everything Expect Nothing
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