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The Islamic Republic of Iran applies Islamic law (Sharia law) since the revolution in 1979. The poem is inspired by an execution ceremony in northern Iran, Gilan Province, in the mid-1980s. //Film: Prostitution: Behind the veil, Netflix


They gathered there,

men and monsters

Thousands of thousands

To watch two women´s execution.


They were there,

those alive and those dead

Thousands of thousands

To watch the execution of two girls

To carry out the execution of two prostituted girls. 


The guards, the men of God, the mullahs

Men with beards, the murderers

All were there to curry out the execution of two girls.


My town cried that day

Sky´s tears fell on my cheeks

The sky was sad, too.


The girls were taken to the square

By armed guards.


Men mumbled to each other

And I stared at the gallows

Men and monsters

Cried and laughed

Those dead and those alive

All were there

To curry out the execution of two girls

To watch the execution of two girls.


Nineteen and twenty-one years old

With beautiful faces covered by the fear of death.

Their crime:

Stealing clothes

Stealing foods 

And prostitution.


The murderers tied their chadors

Around their bodies

And hang them one by one.


Their bodies, trembled all over on the gallows

Their eyes full of fear in the presence of the death

And their hope and attempt in vain.


The guards, into lines, cold formed,

Like chess soldiers

Under the greatness of the colored flags´ dance

And the vampires´ joyfulness screams

And before the eyes of bloodcrying people

Under the sky´s tears.


It´s impossible to escape death.


Hungry people and naked bodies

In poverty´s and misery´s territory

Hang on the gallows.


Yes, it is impossible to escape death.


On which sin do you judge

Those who wish to have a new skrit?

On which sin do you judge

Those who are hungry

And  have nothing else 

Than their bodies to sell?


Those dead were pleased because

However ones again God´s command 

Was  carried out.

Those alive cried like rain.


And my town cried

For the death of those two girls in

Forty days.


© Samuel E. Rajeus, S.E.R.P. & PUBLISHING, Stockholm, Sweden, 1991

Book: Shadows, Collections of poems, Published 2008, ISBN: 978-91-977393-1-3

Book: I Språkets Hus, Publicerad oktober 2011, ISBN: 978-91-979269-2-8, Sida: 244


Film: Prostitution: Behind the veil, Netflix, Director: Nahid Persson Sarvestani 

Fri vers (Modernistisk dikt) av Samuel E. Rajeus VIP
Läst 834 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2010-03-18 20:14

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mycket gripande text och helt realistiskt skildrat,det är väl det som är det värsta,att detta sker än i dag i världen...på detta sätt bland annat.. bra engelska också..mycket läsvärt!

    Tea Alex VIP
Bra fångat. Otäckt skildrat.

Jag brukar inte tycka om engelsk text, eftersom jag finner det svårt låta tankarna nå in till mitt inre. Den här var dock annorlunda för mig, och omöjlig att värja sig inför. Så fruktansvärt, fruktansvärt....
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Samuel E. Rajeus
Samuel E. Rajeus VIP