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I spend these hollow nights alone

Sitting here and wondering how this city has treated you?

We came here together 615 days ago with big dreams and so much love.
Do you also know that it was 615 days ago?

The city was more beautiful than we imagined and the possibilities were endless.
Rumors of all the rain, we did not understand. The sun was shining every day.
Almost jealous of ourselves.
Everyone else should be.

We built a home together. From nothing to everything.
It was my first home.

But our dreams became nightmares.
Guess we could not handle the strong love.
In the end there was only hatred left.
I learned what hate really was.
Everything went so fast.

Do you hate me like I hate you?
I bet you hate me more.

We both tried everything to get the other one to move back.
But that would be a big failure and i guess none of us are the failurer type.

If you just leave me and this beautiful city alone everything will be fine.

Now it's been 317 days since we talked. It has been raining almost every day.
It was on your birthday and you wanted me to wish you happy birthday.
Ofcoure I did not. Because I hate you.

The city has treated me well. I have met wonderful people who have become good friends. I have experienced the strongest sense of happiness with these people. And we do fun things all the time. I have discovered that this city is even more beautiful than I first thought. I have my favourite places now.

I know you still live here to.
Do you know I do?

Sitting here and wondering how this city has treated you?
Do you have your favourite places? D0 you feel like home here?

Do you miss me like I miss you?
Do you spend these hollow nights alone thinking of me like
I think of you.

Övriga genrer av smokingwater
Läst 153 gånger
Publicerad 2016-01-06 22:21

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