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2015-01-15 kl13:18 reviderad

rain falling down on my windows

I left my doors and windows wide open
to let the wind and rain blowing away
all sorrow pain and misunderstanding
I wish the rain would clean my pillow
ships could flout away on the ocean
of tears and feelings

I left you because I didn´t understood why
your silence
nowadays I understand your anxiety
and misery for your childhood
the ticket you got on the train
I´m always and you are the same
I miss you every day

Life is a mystery
I live among growing shadows
my soul breathing darkness
beneth the cellar floor
close to a bigger Universe
I´m younger than Time

I only want to hear
your laugh
you, teaching and
teasing me
and all your sorrow
blowing away

I only want to hear
rain falling down on my windows
cleaning our lives
us shining again


Kommentarer Forgive me

Ann-louise Rosenhard "Varm och vacker i text och bild"
Lars Hedlin "Tycker mycket om denna text! :)"
Wys "Dina känsloskiftningar blåser som en ljum
Angel of love "Otroligt vackert och ömt skrivet"

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