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Poem written 25 june 2020 1830 oclock

Abb (or) e

Abb (or) e had that same extremistic expression on his face, that all extremistist had, like sucking on hate, a hard skizophrenia which was only seen as the paranoid thud, revealed him. The sudden fear: who's watching me? 'THE ONE WHO ALWAYS HAS THAT SAME FACE, IS NOT A PERSON , BUT A PERSON IMITATOR', byron wrote in don Juan, and Abb (or) e played that hard role, of an attractive arab boy, who 'tog sig fram' in a 'land' that was to be defeated and conqured by his brand. Sucking on the hate, in a hard looking stare, saying: 'you'd only dare!'. Just as neuroleptics causes that same meaningless state, so, these arabfucking guys, gets into a state, where a healthy breakdown, seems too late.
In a state of stupid hate, attempting not to be melted away by the beauties of swedish nature, and, losing the grip, of hard cultural upbringing, as not to get any 'stupid heart' singing, the hard concentrated stare, concentrating on that g(h)un in his hand: 'you'd only dare' an easy way to death: who the fuck cares?!

Bunden vers av Marcus Beijar Mellin
Läst 24 gånger
Publicerad 2020-06-25 21:41

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Marcus Beijar Mellin
Marcus Beijar Mellin