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”… on a little stone rock, the Earth is flying to an unknown destination surrounded only of void and silence..”

”The Orphan Child”


…and you re the one

of them



Living in the shadows of an eternal war

but sometimes happy

for a moment.


Yo`re more than a human ape

you, who remember your mother, yes

her love and soft touch



U must go thru the field of contradictions

your instinct is fighting against

your mortality

only a few years on The Rock

then you must go away

no explanation.




A cluster of your thought and dreams

are flying with you

thru the field of the big unknown

are they?


Lord, give me the sign

I’m a human, the member of The Way

Only one of very young species on the way

trying to understand


Trying to survive.


 How to explain to a little child

or who-anyone

what the human soul is.

An esoteric, exotic shape, shadow

of something we do not

are capable to understand?


Maybe it/she/he is something

in your “heart”

frozen in time

sleeping in a cage of the eternal forgiveness?

It is your problem

how to wake up it..

is it?


You who is in my heart

you’re an angel yes?

Give me your hand,

say it once again, ha yes

“There is no death

only a song (life) in how

the universe is dreaming

about us…”


I wanna believe you, coz

I hope

that God

wants some light

to shine

though the darkness…


poetry is a dreams

from the future…


I want to say something more to you, now

but I’ve forgotten what

u see…

anyways  :)

Imagine, there is the purpose of life!


Fri vers (Fri form) av ERD-man-SKY VIP
Läst 109 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-02-02 21:19

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