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Famous Manic-Depressives and Schizophrenics

Correct me if I am wrong, but there have been 2 famous schizophrenics through the ages

Syd Barrett musician, and John Nash mathematician are all that fill the pages

When I was manic I thought I would be the third

Delusions of grandeur,

Are needed

In human evolution seeded

Granted I could pretty much speak with the tongue of God

And I don’t want to disturb anybody with that statement

Myself have faith and it is something near-repent

But my creativity was beyond … anything I have written here on poeter

Love had a hold on me

I could intertwine any subject matter

Former latter former latter former latter

Rhyme, alliteration, metaphor, double/triple meaning it was all there

It was as if I was picking apples from the atmosphere

Out of control … and great … loving her I will not regret

And now the table is set, to go back to the title

The combination of schizophrenia and manic-depression is schizoaffective – the term may not be idle

And more psychiatry talk, a psychosis that lasts for more than 3 weeks, counts as schizophrenia

So the media, all the famous manic-depressives, well mostly we recognize them from the classic authors, and from other artistic professions, like composers, for that matter

For all us poets that happen to be manic-depressive, here is a lash of hope, the artistic category with the highest percent of manic-depressives, was poetry

That may not be surprising to you, information petty


Hemmingway, Tolstoy, Poe, Agatha Christie

There are four writers

Internet information misty,

But those are confirmed, their craftmanship can still excite us

And I am well aware that the correct label is bipolar disorder, but that is like asking for a vegetarian dish and receiving a steak order, it is not exactly happy sad

It is a term that pharmaceutical companies can make more money on, count on that lad

So I’m old-school and call it manic-depression

And well am I teaching myself or others a lesson

I hope neither

This chapter may be re-visited for the characteristics of the states of mind may not be clear to the reader

Please excuse if I have sounded highbrow

But as I say there is a fine line between proud and overly proud

So can I be humble and proud?

Thank you

This piece was like a floating feather

A brief, factual, look at… well what was it you, could , decide

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Publicerad 2023-07-05 13:11

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