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We society (The hippies were wrong)


They say weed strengthens the idea of we

We all know the motto of the hippies: Peace, love, and understanding

I developed it to Equal Rights, love, and understanding

Well we have something called power/authority

And we have something called evil

The hippies were wrong

The world would never have been united

Even if it wasn’t for Nixon or the Vietnam War or what was it that abolished it

Evil exists

Communism, every utopia written about, is wrong because evil exists

So where I grew up marijuana/weed was a common thing … and I think most times … someone gets left behind, hurt, and gets the label psychosis

Psychosis is an all-in-one category, maybe we should strive for a psychosis-society

Joke aside, so we live in a very much ‘’I’’ world

And eventually that will collapse and people will work together again

Maybe there is some truth in this piece, well how would I change the world… to that … it  was less of an ‘’I’’ society and more of a ‘’We’’ society

After thirty seconds of thinking I think there is going to be a constant battle of I/We throughout time, I didn’t come up with an answer

Thwart the government – elect someone with integrity

That’s my answer – elect someone with integrity

Signing out // We I We I We I We I We

Prosa av Page Goldenboy VIP
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Publicerad 2023-10-15 12:45

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  Page Goldenboy VIP
correction: every utopia written about could be right, but it would not be much better than what we have modern-day

  Immanuel Hägglund VIP
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Page Goldenboy
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