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collecting backgammon books (therapy and maybe interesting)

it’s a hobby of mine, and my mom is not doing fine

backgammon being the hobby, and for mom buying me a b.g. shirt I had not to lobby

it has been on my profile picture, a shirt that says ‘’I like backgammon and maybe 3 people’’

it’s comedy, with serious undertones, it’s simple

So with this addictive personality I sometimes play online backgammon till I get reeeal tired of it

But as of late there is nothing to show for it

Maybe it is because I shared my dreams with my mom, and they have not come in fulfillment

…I was going to collect backgammon books I lament

To see where my mathematics skills lie, I will do a test

Guess since what first year of publication and amount of backgammon books have published to my best

Ok, 1879 and 100

That is my guess, the first major publication of a backgammon book was 1879 and there have been 100 major publications throughout this time

And I gather a chick digs a guy with goals and dreams

My idea from about a year back is to collect backgammon books

And I am partly writing because now I’m Not online backgammon hooked

As if there was a stumbling block in mind called my mom

Well here mom I’m writing everything about backgammon so I can get hooked on online backgammon again

Truth is I don’t get bored, but I run out of things I feel like doing

So this addiction back in my head would be soothing

one druggy told me that druggies like to collect things

i guess the phrase ‘’hitta lagom’’ is not the target

And thanks mom for paying for the backgammon t-shirt

Not that I didn’t have the money but   you / and the reader   knows you played an active part

that means something active part, because that has been missing to 99,9%

so druggies like to collect things

a perfectly healthy behavior

I guess non-druggies like to collect things

a perfectly healthy behavior

So back to my guess of 100 major publishings of backgammon books since 1879,

I will go to www.bkgm.com to check out the real statistic

1844 first major publishing, I was close 1879

191 major publishings (up to year 2018), I was pretty far off

notice how logic(for the lack of a better word) and feeling mix in the previous two lines

That is just like backgammon, there is a constant logic/feeling of the board

As I have pointed out in a previous piece this is what makes backgammon so special,

the fact that it is logic and feel

Those that disagree there is no feel you are probably a novice player

…So I can collect 191 backgammon books (up to year 2018)

and currently own 1

this has also previously been stated, the unique and though-provoking, ‘’New Ideas in Backgammon’’ (1996) by Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich

I believe I have played at least, one, of these champs in online backgammon

I am old-school I still play at fibs.com, the first internet backgammon server.

and that is where I would have played them

for anyone interested I could give you my login name

I feel my mind is clear!

I have talked of my mother, and I have talked of my goals and dreams of collecting backgammon books, and my mind just remembered another thing; I would like to play at the Nordic Open played live annually in Denmark.

Ok, I wanted to add, as also is written in the previous piece, I am expert.

If these books would do anything, - provide insight on how to better play backgammon that would be great, otherwise it’s always nice and cool to have a collection.


Prosa (Fabel/Saga) av Page Goldenboy VIP
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Publicerad 2023-12-25 13:05

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  Page Goldenboy VIP
bought a Bagai book, received it yesterday

  Page Goldenboy VIP
bra jobbat, om du kämpade dig igenom hela texten,
Magriel (''backgammon bible'') var väl på '70 talet
Robertie känner jag till namnet
tror det är ...Jeremy... Bagai, dom har en känd match av han kommenterat/analyserat på internet, tror just vid www.bkgm.com som nämnt
roligt att nån är intresserad av backgammon!
Ok så en ökänd bok ''Backgammon for Blood''... har fasen en backgammon bok kan bli ökänd det vet jag inte... men lär väl lista ut
tusen tack för kommentaren
god kväll


Bill Robertie

Från 70-talet fins en ökänd bok "Backgammon for Blood".
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