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I am a Prince


I am a prince I have it all

And I hear you knocking on the wall

And I hear you groaning on the couch

As he asks do you want more?

And you say call Isak to settle the score

And I say why do you call me?

I say I don't like being called

No it's not that the cops are on there

It's just, author recluse, don't like to talk on the phone

And I'm not good at it either

So how is the Irish game going? 1-0 half time to the right team

So if you were losing you would not even write about it?

For the most part I feel here and now

And internet is down

And for every closed door a new one can open

And what is the prince going to step on in...

Disaster as usual probably, that was not disgracefully

said I just want to lay in my grave as if it was a bed

Don't feel any real purpose on this earth

Yet the game is the same [alternate ending], maybe a nurse

Fri vers av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 21 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-17 23:04

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Page Goldenboy
Page Goldenboy VIP