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Take Me There

I lost her face in the clouds
All look the same when darkness falls
Down on the town square
People went into me
I was pushed around
I became afraid and tried to reach
To a place that is far above,

Let me wake up with you darling
wrapped in your arms
When the morning comes.

I sank down into my bathtub
I held my breath
I wished to drown
With blurred vision, I looked up
To a place that seemed to be near the top
I can not go through those gates
Where my love was towed;

She pulled me up
My vision became clear
I inhaled her presence
My chest filled with air.

I go to bed when the days are over
I fall on my knees again.

"Lead me to her God
bear my soul to heaven
Give me a place at her side
I ask you

I close my eyes
And I see us together
My last wish I beg of you
If you let me sleep forever.

Fri vers av Tjeckspeare
Läst 505 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2007-11-15 00:29

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  Cosmic Johanna
Som en kärlek mellan tvillingflammor.... som exempelvis Romeo och Julia.

Naw...så himla sött så att det inte finns ord.
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