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Christmas Dinner

A christmas dinner
a seat is left open
the circle of a whole family
became so broken
they felt a sudden silence
cause there was a laughter missing
there was an echo in the halls
even the walls were speaking
and it built a cathedral inside my heart
in only a few minutes of time
those four walls
and vaulted ceiling of silence
made a home for my weeping mind
every fragment of my pain lay's there
inside a big vault with unbreakable walls
promised to never get out
and hurt those around me
causing true misery
like the shadow upon your mother’s face
under the shell I feel the same
I try to smile even though the rain
but like a hand pushing against my chest
I’m always oppressed
with an overwhelming pain
white roses are laid
and words are spoken
for our lost and mourned son
we miss you daily
and still we're hopin’
to have you home for dinner
so we can laugh together
to fill that open seat
to make our christmas better.

Fri vers av Tjeckspeare
Läst 481 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2008-07-06 15:14

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  Jonathan Fryxelius
Mycket vacker, och konkret med abstrakta inslag. Du blandar många bilder till en sammanfattad känsla av saknad, vilket är en ganska svår känsla att förmedla på ett värdigt sätt, men du lyckas. Bra skrivet!

Du har talang!
Så jävla mycket känsla.
Alltså... Jag gråter!

Du är bra, fortsätt som du gör!

Ta hand om dig! Kram
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