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/M. Polansky- We killed our angel a long time ago.

Our Little Angel

We tore off the wings, and so we said:
Fly little angel.
Bleeding on the ground she uttered the words:
- I can not fly ...
And so she stood up and said:
- I can walk!

We placed her in a steel-bar cage, then said:
Walk little angel, you're free.
She took a step back to the dark of a corner.
She lifted her unconquered face towards heaven and said:
-I can not go, but I can think of.

We drugged her, then said:
Think of heaven little angel.
She turned her gaze to the ground and said firmly:
-Only the pure and innocent minds may,
-My clouded thoughts ought to never go astray,
-and wander of to the gates of heaven in dismay...
-You must now know, I am the soul of the world,
-I do not dance or play
-at the command of man...
-I will only breathe.

We put a pillow over her face and then said:
-Breathe little angel.
Through the fabric and cotton
heard a faint voice:
-I can not breathe, you're killing me!

We removed the pillow from her face
And there she was, silent and pale,
like a tree without its leaves, far from heavens grace ...
So daylight died and darkness commenced
the earth trembled, and so judgement was sent,
like a shadow upon the whole kingdom.

What have we done?
How can we mend our angel?
So broken that no one can ...
We have brought down our end!

All knelt down and said.

-Little Angel, if you could only live again.

Bunden vers (Rim) av Tjeckspeare
Läst 722 gånger och applåderad av 8 personer
Publicerad 2009-06-14 21:24

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  Mattias C
Jag är svag för berättelser om dödliga änglar. Väldigt bra skrivet och den typen av text man måste läsa klart när man väl har börjat pga hur du har konstruerat den.

  Linda CH VIP
Texten går rätt in och skakar om. Mycket bra skaldat!

my god it is painfully brilliant
makes me sick
but it is sooooo very good!!!

Nu får du inte tro att jag prisar texten för att du gillade min. Men det här är så jävla bra, sant och vackert.

  Cosmic Johanna
Lets keep the angels we still have alive,

You have a talent for telling a message.

    ej medlem längre
Jag blir alldeles tagen när jag läser texten, väldigt bra!
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