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What is?

What is all
we ever wanted?
What was it all
that always haunted?
Haunted us so there was always night.
Haunted us to chase the devils light.
Was it all?

Was it all
to live in shadows?
Was it all
when darkness had us?
You knew it could be better but you didnt know how.
You knew it could be better but didnt help to shout.
Was it all?


What more to expect,
to gain your own respect?
What else can affect,
what youre feeling.
You are heeling,
yourself with your thoughts.
With every battle you fought.
The vain golddust you sought,
made you kneeling.

What is life?
Its amazing.
It is life,
so embrace it.
Life that make you feel like living now or never.
Life that make you want to live for ever an ever.
It is life.

What is life?
Its forgiving.
its a life
worth living.
Live your life as it is no tomorrow.
Drowning yourself in misery and sorrow.
Its not life.


What is love?
So missused.
What is love?
An issue.
Living without love is not the way of living.
Living without love and there is no forgiving
So what is love?

What is love?
Four letters.
What is love?
But nothings better.
Respect yourself and you respect each other.
Love yourself and you can love your brother.
That is love.


Bunden vers (Rim) av Knickedick
Läst 343 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2013-07-26 21:38

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