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Be quite my love (song)

Be quiet my love, you said
When your fingers touched my lip
Into darkness of night you'll be lead
To a sinfull pleasure trip
I will find out your deepest desire
I will find it and bring it up higher
I will find and make you to cry
I will find it and make you to die

The pleasure is now
A fundament you can build on
Or leave without any action
What you want to achieve
You already will've done
when you thought there was still some attraction.

Be quiet my love you insisted
From now on you are out of control
there are places that now will visited
Where you wont have to play any role.
I know that your heart is still bleeding
To the places that I would be leading
it is places beyond your belief
but only temporary relief


Be quite my love, like a wind
you whispered so I only heard
At the end of the world is a rind
And I can make you to fly like bird
In only one step and you're flying
Falling or maybe you're dying?
Imagine the most lovely things
when you fly in the space without wings


Be quite my love, from forming
The words by your lips from your soul
I can make when your cold ill be warming
you and when you are hot you'd be cold
I can make so that blood will be rushing
I can make so that you will be blushing
and slow can be turned into fast
But nothing of this have to last


Bunden vers (Rim) av Knickedick
Läst 350 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2014-04-05 15:13

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