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A choir

A choir from several nations, nations
Joining in this celebration,-bration
Goran and Littlemother
For 20 years had each other
Singing out loud so the angels crying
Up in the air this song is flying
Nothing can make it to stay
The message is flying away.

Let everyone know that for twenty years
Both of them had each other dear.
In their pink and fluffy dearland
In their house on island beerland
There they have watched when the grass is growing
Year after year but the age not showing
No one can guess at this stage
That 70 is the new age

All of the kids and the grand children
Are enjoying the party and "hyttesilden"
Especially "glasmästarsill"
Enjoyed with potatoes and dill
Together with sill it should be a "nubb"
A "Skål!" For a "gumma" and a "gubb"
So skål together we say
When "the whole" is going away

Now is the time that they both are fearing
Raising our cups and for both we cheering
Hip and a hip and hurray
Long let them live from this day
a wheelbarrow will we to party bringing
You can both have a ride while we still are singing
Or you think that you actually rather
Not little mother and father

Bunden vers av Knickedick
Läst 332 gånger
Publicerad 2014-06-26 08:33

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