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"I'm afraid... I'll kill it if you don't take it."

I handed it over to him

"Here, hold this."

He struggled to get a grip of it

Slippery, and bloody

When I pushed the open paper bag

to his shirt-clad chest

As he was leaning

for an expected embrace

A long while that was all that was heard

my silent breaths

withheld fear

hidden under squared shoulders

and the stretch of a proud neck

and his surprised ones

as he fought to not let go of the

vile thing I'd dropped

in his perfectly suited up arms

He stilled and straightened his back

with that old-fashioned gentleman way

that bothered me both into a shivering warm pant

and a playful scoff

depending on which hour we met.

"It's moving."

"I though it was dead."

I turned to leave but hesitated

looking over my shoulder

blood splattered over my caramel coat

"You're the only one I trust."

I neatly corrected the buttons and flattened it out

"I'm afraid... I'll kill it if you don't take it."

He looked up at me as it dawned on him.

It was all I needed.

The slight hint of empathy

in the frown of his brows

I walked way, car keys ready

chirping in a hollow tone in my hand

In a distance I could already hear it

in the hands of my secret lover

beating stronger

my heart.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Plumflower
Läst 395 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2016-09-21 21:13

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